10/10/99 This Tutorial is now available fro free from the USGS web site. To download it please go to this page.

Press Release - Nov. 24, 1997


Argus Interware is pleased to announce the release of an online
(Internet) tutorial for MODFLOW. This guide is provided by
Argus Holdings, Ltd. as a service to the rapidly growing community
of hydrologists using Argus ONE.

The tutorial covers how to use MODFLOW with Argus ONE and the free
USGS MODFLOW plug-in extension (PIE). Although this will be most
useful to those who use Argus ONE, the tutorial may also be useful
for anyone who uses MODFLOW because it helps explain how MODFLOW

The tutorial features seven groundwater problems with fully worked
out examples.

The tutorial can be used directly of the internet or you may download
it to use it off-line.

To use the tutorial or to download it, please visit our web site at: http://www.argusone.com/Modflow.html