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Press Release - Nov. 18, 1997


Dear Argus ONE PIE developer:

Argus Holdings, Ltd. announced today a series of solutions which allow model developers, who are not familiar with C programing, to create simple Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for numerical models. These solutions, based on the existing Argus PIE technology, allow one to interface with codes (models), from the simple creation of a "stationery" document for a model code, and up to the creation of a full featured code interface with dialogs and menus. This is achieved through the use of a ready-made Generic PIE (provided from our web site) and "flat text file" interface which may or may not interact with an external program written in any language.

The simplest form of using this ready-made Generic PIE completely eliminates the need for programing. The more advanced form allows an external application (written in any language) to interact with the ready-made Generic PIE, through a series of pre-defined ASCII (text) files.

The only noticeable limitation presented by this approach, as compared with advanced PIEs developed using DLLs or Shared Libraries, is that this approach does not allow adding and deleting Argus ONE layers after a project has been defined (see MODFLOW GUI-PIE).

To develop function PIEs, import PIEs, interpolator PIEs, etc. one still needs to use the C interface PIE Development Kit.

The document explaining the use of this ***ready-made Generic PIE*** is on our web site at:


This web page also hosts a link to our ftp site from where the new PIE and samples may be downloaded.

The samples also include Visual Basic and JAVA source codes and executable examples for an external application which interacts with the Generic PIE. Examples and source codes in other languages (e.g. Delphi Pascal) will be made available in the future.



Your comments or questions will be welcome,


Argus R&D

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