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Product Name: HST3D GUI-PIE (version 2)
  The HST3D GUI-PIE is a powerful and friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for HST3D, integrated within the Argus ONE modeling environment.

The HST3D GUI-PIE package includes the HST3D executable, the GUI-PIE, on-line help, complete documentation and an extensive tutorial.

The HST3D GUI-PIE allows the user to graphically input all GIS data, run HST3D, and visualize the results all from within Argus ONE easy-to-use graphical workplace. The HST3D GUI-PIE installs its menus and dialogs into Argus ONE so that all tasks of setting HST3D control parameters and geological units, running HST3D and visualizing HST3D output is performed from within Argus ONE.
Model: HST3D 2.0 is a finite-difference, modelling program for the simulation of fluid, single-species solute and heat transport in three dimensions under saturated conditions. HST3D allows you to include solute adsorbtion and decay in your model.

The flow, heat, and solute transport equations are coupled; advective transport is linked to fluid velocity; fluid viscosity depends on temperature and solute concentration and fluid density depends on pressure, temperature, and solute concentration. Boundary conditions include specified pressures, specified temperatures, specified mass fractions, specified flux, specified heat flux, specified solute flux, leakage boundaries, river leakage boundaries, evapotranspiration, aquifer-influence boundaries, heat conduction, and wells. Free surface (water table) conditions are allowed although not with a tilted coordinate system.

 Typical Applications: Typical applications of HST3D include the study of waste injection into fresh and saline aquifers, contaminant plume movement, sea-water intrusion in coastal regions, brine disposal, freshwater storage in saline aquifers, heat storage in aquifers, liquid-phase geothermal systems, and similar transport situations.
GUI Developed by: Dr. Richard B. Winston
Required Argus ONE
GIS and Grid Modules
Compatibility Works only with HST3D version 2
PIE Availability: The HST3D GUI PIE, the HST3D Model, examples and documentation are available from Dr. Winston's web site at:
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