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Product Name: MODFLOW/MOC3D GUI-PIE Version 3.1.1 - USGS Public Domain
  The MODFLOW/MOC3D-PIE is a powerful user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for MODFLOW and MOC3D, a solute-transport model, integrated within the Argus ONE modeling environment.

The MODFLOW/MOC3D-PIE package includes the MODFLOW and MOC3D executables, the GUI-PIE and complete documentation.

MODFLOW/MOC3D-PIE allows the user to graphicaly input all the GIS data, run MODFLOW and MOC3D, and visualize the results all from within Argus ONE easy-to-use graphical workplace. MODFLOW/MOC3D-PIE installs its menus and dialogs into Argus ONE so that all tasks of setting MODFLOW/MOC3D control parameters such as the number of stress periods and geological units, running MODFLOW and MOC3D and visualizing MODFLOW and MOC3D output is performed from within Argus ONE.

To download a copy of the PIE, source code, and documentation
from the USGS site Visit

A customized version of the GUI PIE supporting MT3D is available on this web site, see below.

A version supporting MODFLOW 2000 is also available from the USGS

Version 1.0 Open-File Report 97-121
Version 2.0 Open-File Report 98-188. Adds support for using MOC3D, a 3D solute-transport model.
Version 3.0 Open-File Report 99-184. Adds support for using MODPATH, ZONEBDGT and many more new capabilities.
Model: MODFLOW, "A Three-Dimensional Finite-Difference Ground-Water Flow Model" by M. G. McDonald and A. W. Harbaugh. MODFLOW is the most widely used ground-water flow model in the world.
GUI Developed by: US Geological Survey
The USGS integrated MODFLOW with Argus ONE using Argus Plug-In Extension (PIE) technology. The GUI PIE is available with documentation from the USGS site listed below or as USGS Open-File Reports from USGS distribution centers.
Version 1                                           Version 2                                            Version 3


Required Argus ONE
GIS and Grid Modules
PIE Availability: To download a copy of the PIE, source code, and documentation
from the USGS site Visit

To download a copy of the customized PIE which also supports MT3D and some other third party packages
click here.

Other USGS Models See SUTRA GUI-PIE.
The USGS is currently using the Argus ONE PIE technology to interface some other ground water models. All GUI PIEs will be released to the public domain.
To interface USGS codes using the PIE technology, USGS engineers and scientists did not have to change a single line in their codes. They develop the interfaces all on their own, thus keeping the scientific freedom to change their codes and interfaces as required.

Using the PIE technology, utility programs, geostatistical algorithms, visualization packages and many other programs which have been developed by the USGS and by others can be easily integrated as PIEs and used along side with model PIEs.

Support Tools from Argus

Tutorial: We have developed a tutorial for the MODFLOW GUI. We have contributed it to the public and it is now maintained by the USGS. The tutorial is available for off-line use. Download it from:

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