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Dear Argus Open Numerical Environments User:
We are proud to announce the release of Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE) version 3 and are happy to offer you a free upgrade to this version.
New features and capabilities in version 3:
Version 3 features many new GUI improvements, functions, export script commands and drawing tools and capabilities. However, the most exciting development and the one that will have the most profound impact on the way you use Argus ONE, is the introduction of the new Argus ONE Plug-In Extension (PIE) technology.
What is the Argus ONE PIE technology:
Argus-PIE is an empowering technology which enables users and Developers/VARs of Argus ONE to tailor and extend the Argus technology to their special needs. The Argus-PIE technology is based on Argus Open Numerical Environments' inherent capabilities and allows developers to tap into Argus ONE's powerful tools from external codes. It was developed by Argus to allow developers to easily and quickly offer and market their advanced technologies in numerical modeling, geostatistics, 3D visualization and other areas, to the rapidly growing community of Argus ONE users as well as to their own customers.
Developing and using Argus-PIEs is accomplished without modifying the Argus ONE, which is an "Off-the-shelf" application, but rather by programming small C, C++, Fortran or JAVA functions, linking them as DLLs/Shared-Libraries, and dropping them into a special directory from which they are seamlessly linked to Argus ONE. These Plug-ins can be distributed and immediately used by any user of the Argus ONE version 3.
What will become available to you when you use version 3:
A wide choice of Plug-In Extensions (PIEs) which include:
Who is developing these PIEs:
Some of these packages are developed by commercial companies. Others are placed in the public domain by Argus, organizations such as the USGS and universities.
To find out about available PIEs, click here.
Why are PIEs free or inexpensive:
PIEs for Argus ONE are much less expensive (or free of charge) than other packages because the PIE developer draws on the strength of the Argus ONE system and does not have to develop, like other model developers, a full GIS and modeling environment for each model.
Where do you gain most by using Argus ONE and the available PIEs:


Are you entitled to a free upgrade:
Yes! If you own version 2.5c or later you are entitled to a free of charge upgrade.
Why you should upgrade to version 3:


Available Platforms:


How to get a free copy of the upgrade:
Via our anonymous ftp site:


Via mail:
Order via mail for a nominal fee of $50.00 which includes shipping and handling:
Call: (212) 563-8600
Fax: (212) 594-0800
How to install:


Compatibility issues:


If you have any questions regarding downloading the upgrade email us at:
If you have any questions regarding receiving the upgrade by mail email us at:
We thank you for your business and are sure this new version will increase your productivity.

To find out more about Argus and its products email or call:
Tech. support:
snail mail: Argus Holdings, POB 6254, Herzelia, 46160, Israel
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