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Argus Open Numerical Environments Press Release

Argus Announces New Version of its Argus Open Numerical Environments Line of Products

Argus Open Numerical Environments Now Features Post-Processing as well as Pre-Processing

Jericho, New York--October 1, 1995--Underscoring its commitment to provide engineers and scientists practicing numerical modeling with powerful pre and post-processing productive tools, and an open architecture enabling them to use its technology with any numerical model, Argus Holdings, Ltd. today announced the availability of version 2.5 of its Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE) line of products. Argus ONE version 2.5 and its Argus MeshMaker (AMM) and Argus MeshMaker Pro (AMMp) modules, available for MS Windows, Mac OS-based computers, and UNIX workstations, now feature the full range of scientific visualization tools which enable users to post-process their numerical model results within the same environment they prepare their model input in.

Argus Open Numerical Environments, shipping since September 1994, are new generation Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for numerical modelers, that have enabled engineers and scientists to expedite their pre-processing work by two orders of magnitude without having to change their existing numerical models. Argus ONE combines CAD, Data Base, GeoStatistical, Grid/Mesh, Mathematical Spreadsheet-like functions, and scriptable Import/Export tools, all within a graphical interactive workplace, enabling users to visually control and manipulate their model input. These features make it possible for numerical modelers to prepare their data for all the numerical models they have developed and purchased, where previously, separate pre-processing software was required for each numerical model.

"With this new version, we're putting greater power and control into modelers' hands, allowing them to complete a full cycle of a numerical model in the same intuitive and familiar workplace, without having to purchase and master separate visualization software," said Joshua Margolin, President of Argus Holdings, Ltd. "These enhancements, which are based on feedback from our users, build on our already strong software development foundation and support our overall strategy of continuing to provide modelers with a wider range of productivity tools and higher connectivity with other applications and data sources."

Argus Open Numerical Environments 2.5 Features

The new Argus Open Numerical Environments include scientific visualization objects such as 3D Surfaces, Contour, Velocity, Color, and Path-Line Diagrams as well as Cross-Sections, enabling modelers to visualize their model results in the same graphical environment in which they prepare their data. A new layer type has been added to support the import of many new data types and formats that can be imported, interpolated, exported and visualized. Among the many other enhancements one can find scalable fonts, new GIS functions, and user interface improvements. This results in a faster modeling cycle than ever before.

"With Argus MeshMaker Pro we can now accomplish in minutes what used to take days. For us Argus MeshMaker is reminiscent of the leap from the pencil and paper to the word processor, or the leap from the slide rule to the programmable calculator." said Michel Robin, Professor in the Dept. of Geology at the University of Ottawa.

Pricing and Availability

Offering the new version at the same price as the former one, represents Argus' commitment to develop powerful, yet affordable software products and to make Argus Open Numerical Environments accessible to an even wider modeler audience. Argus ONE 2.5 Update is available to customers who already own Argus ONE:MeshMaker/Pro at 50 percent off the list price. All products are available immediately by calling Argus, at: (212) 563-8600.

Argus Holdings, Ltd., a recognized pioneer and innovator in the computational geosciences community, creates powerful solutions based on easy-to-use multi-platform software. Headquartered in New York, Argus develops, licenses and markets software products and technologies for the scientific, engineering and government markets in over 40 countries. Argus' home page on the World Wide Web:

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