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Search and Navigate in Complex Domains

The Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE) workplace offers many search and navigation tools. These tools allow you to easily orientate through your problem domain regardless of its complexity and the amount of information it contains.

Searching Your Information

Argus ONE powerful search capabilities stem from the data flow and database concepts they are based on. Since all the information you bring into, and create within the Argus ONE workplace, is stored in relational-spatial database like layers, you can search all objects with respect to all the data that is assigned to them. These capabilities enable you to easily locate points of interest in multi-dimensional complex domain. Combined with the ability to export found sets only, this capability enables you to export only parts of meshes and grids you wish to re-export. Defining search criteria using the Search dialog presented below, allows you to create the exact search pattern you need to search for all of the following objects:

Thus, you could for instance, export only nodes that lie on the domain's boundary, that are above sea level, that are assigned a specific boundary condition type and/or value, etc.

Orientation Tools

The Argus ONE workplace offers many useful and easy to use tools which enable you to easily find your way in your project's window. Using these tools you have full control on information and data visibility and immediate access to all information.:

The Search Dialog

Using the search dialog you graphically create even the most complex queries to your database by just choosing from menus and checking check boxes.

Complex Search Criteria Specification

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