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Product Name: SmartGeo


SmartGEO PIE for Argus One is a plugin developed for the characterization of heterogeneous hydraulic parameter fields for groundwater applications.

Initially born as an inverse modelling tool for hydraulic tomography tests, SmartGeo capabilities have been extended to analyze any type of dataset coming from aquifers monitoring campaigns.  SmartGeo interprets all types of head measurements available for a particular site (i.e. from single or multiple wells pumping tests or long-term piezometers monitoring) by taking into account also of direct hydraulic parameter measurements.




  • Performing a stochastic inversion of all the available data, SmartGeo provides many possible heterogeneous maps of hydraulic parameters that comply with the collected measurements.
  • SmartGeo is efficient for interpreting many data for defining the heterogeneous pattern of the hydraulic parameters, since it implements the particle swarm optimization algorithm, a semi-heuristic inverse model, which is particularly stable and efficient for solving non-unique inverse problems, characterized by many unknowns.
  • SmartGeo does not require prior information about the hydraulic parameter fields for running.
  • The results can be easily checked with the post-processing tools; the efficiency of SmartGeo in interpreting the head measurements can be viewed along with other convergence parameters of the optimization process.

Model Applications:

  • Monte Carlo flow simulations (with MODFLOW 2005) for groundwater modeling
  • Sequentially Gaussian generated random fields with Hydro_GEN (
  • Interpretation of single or multiple wells pumping tests for heterogeneous aquifer characterization in a Monte Carlo framework
  • Interpretation of head measurements collected in field for aquifer characterization in a Monte Carlo framework
Required Argus ONE Modules GIS and Grid Modules
Developed by: SHS - Smart Hydrogeological Solutions


Smart Hydrogeological Solution (SHS) is a newly established spin-off of the University of Trento. We develop and customize software solutions for the management of surface and subsurface water resources. Our activity focuses on optimization of water resources management at the basin scale, groundwater flow and transport modeling and support in planning soil and groundwater treatment projects. Our international network of partners allows us to interact with other top companies and universities in the environmental sector in the US, Germany, Spain, UK and Austria. Our aim is to offer our customers (enterprises, professional engineers and geologists, public bodies) the possibility to optimize their intervention strategy in hydrology through predictive models able to evaluate the effectiveness of the planned actions.


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