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Mesh from SuperBlocks PIE


The "MeshSuperBlocks" is an Agrus ONE PIE which generates quadrilateral meshes from "Super-Blocks". Super-Blocks are quadrilateral contours (four vertices only) which you can create in an Argus ONE information type layer

MeshSuperBlocks is a simple meshing engine implemented according to some simple specifications outlined by Dr. C. Voss of the USGS in order to provide the user with the type of quadrialteral meshes often used with the USGS SUTRA GW model. If you use the SUTRA-GUI you do not need to download the PIE as it is already integrated within the SUTRA-GUI PIE.


The PIE is currently available from the Argus ftp site.Click here to download.

Supported platforms:

Currently compiled versions are avaialble for PCs running windows, PPC Macintosh and Silicon Graphics. The PIE was develope using the Argus ONE PIE technology and C++. Sorce codes and projects for VC++(PC), CodeWarrior(Mac) and SGI are also available. Please note that Mac and Unix are no longer supported.


This software is provided "as is" for testing and evaluation purposes only. Argus, and the USGS make no warranties either expressed or implied, concerning the software. Accordingly, the software should not be used for deadline critical projects.

This PIE demonstrates the generic nature of Argus ONE. Instead of using a domain layer to define the domain outline for the meshing engine, any information type layer can be used.

To use the PIE:

  1. Make sure the PIE is present in the ArgusPIE directory.
  2. Run Argus ONE.
  3. In the Layers Dialog create an Information type layer.(you could name it X_Divide) For that layer create another parameter and call it Y_Divide. The two parameters can be of type Integer or Real.
  4. Activate the layer.
  5. Close (OK) the Layers Dialog
  6. When in the layer, from the Special menu select Allow Intersection.
  7. From the Tool Palette select the Close contour creation tool.
  8. Create a super block which is a close contour with only four vertices.
  9. When you finish, assign the first parameter the number of divisions along the "x" and the second Y_Devide the number of divisions along the "y". Click O.K. to finish the contour creation.
  10. Create another super-block but make sure it is tangent to the first one along one of its sides (only one). You can easily do so by noticing the cursor, click to create a vertex when it becomes hollow, which means it is exactly above a vertex from the other contour. Do not forget to assign the number of divisions.
  11. Create some other super blocks. Do not forget to assign the number of divisions.
  12. When you are finished activate the quad mesh layer.
  13. From the File menu select Import mesh->from patches.
  14. A list appears showing all the information type layers.
  15. Select X_Devide layer.
  16. After the progress bar, a mesh appears.

A more detailed example


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