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Visualize Model Input and Output

The Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE) support post-processing as well pre-processing. Argus ONE are the only pre- and post processing environments that can be utilized with all numerical models you use and develop.

Being fully integrated within the Argus ONE workplace, these post-processing capabilities allow you to visualize and investigate your model results in the same environment you prepare your model input.

Site Visualization

Visualization tools also allow you to visually investigate the data you prepare using the pre-processing tools of the application. Thus, for example, you can create a 3D surface describing the nodal values of a geological formation roof, of the bathymetry of a lake, or perform a full site characterization.

Scientific Visualization Tools

Six scientific visualization methods are available: 3D Surface, Color Map, Contour Map, Vector Diagram, Particle path-lines and Cross sections. Creating a visualization object is as simple as stretching a rectangle to specify where you want the object to be located and selecting the parameters to be presented. Full control over visualization parameters such as color, shading and camera location is available.

A Sample Screen demonstrating Post-Processing capabilities

The 3D Surface

The 3D Surface tool enables you to visualize the spatial distribution of a parameter.

A Sample Screen demonstrating 3D Surface

The Color Map

The Color Map tool enables you to visualize the intensity distribution of a parameter.

A Sample Screen demonstrating a Color Map

The Contour Map

The Contour Map tool enables you to contour a parameter's distribution.

A Sample Screen demonstrating a Contour Map

The Vector Diagram

The Vectors Diagram tool enables you to plot vector fields. You can control arrow length, width and color.

A Sample Screen demonstrating a Vector Diagram

The Particle Path-Lines

The Particle path-lines tool enables you to present particle tracking. Both for-tracking and back-tracking are available.

A Sample Screen demonstrating a Particle Path-Lines

The Cross-Sections

The Cross-Section tools enables you to visualize a parameter's distribution along a cross-section line. Any number of parameters can be visualized at the same cross-section. The cross section line can be easily created on-screen.

A Sample Screen demonstrating a Cross-Sections

Using Visualization objects in Reports

Being based on CAD-like layers, Argus Open Numerical Environments allow you to organize your scientific visualization objects in any form and size within a layer and also in different layers. Visualization objects can be resized, moved and deleted. This allows you to fully control your view and at the same time enables you to easily prepare well presented reports.

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