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Argus ONE Student Version FAQ
For Students Only! Am I allowed to use Argus ONE Student Version?
  The Argus ONE Student version should be used only by students. It must not be used for research purposes or any commercial applications. By installing and using the Argus ONE student version you accept the Argus ONE license agreement and the additional limitations of use for educational purposes only. If you have any questions please contact us at the address listed below.
Modules? Which Argus ONE modules are included in the student version?
All of the Argus ONE modules are included in the student version:
  • GIS Module
  • Grid Module
  • Tri Mesh Module
  • Quad Mesh Module
Limitations? What are the limitations of the Student Version?
The Argus ONE Student Version features all of Argus ONE commercial version functionality. The only limitation introduced is that projects with meshes or grids with more than ~2000 nodes, element or blocks can not be used in the plane (2D). However if you use Argus ONE with a 3D or quasi 3D model you can build models as large as you want, given that each "model layer" does not exceed the limit. This limitation is implemented in the following cases:
  • Saving and Opening is limited to projects which contain less than 2000 nodes, elements or grid cells.
  • Exporting meshes or grids larger than the maximum allowed, are disabled.
  • SUTRA-GUI 3D in not supported
Other differences? Is the student version different from the commercial one?
The only other differences between the student and the commercial versions are "cosmetic" differences:
  • The Greetings dialog states that you are about to use a student version and you are required to hit the Accept key each time you start Argus ONE.
  • The Argus icon at the top right of the Argus ONE window has the word Student in red above the icon.
  • When printing from the student version a weak gray banner will appear across some of the pages.
What about PIEs? Are Argus ONE PIEs available for the student version?
Yes. The student version can use any PIE developed for Argus ONE. Some commercially developed PIEs may or may not be available for the Student version depending soley on the PIE's developer discretion.
Documentation? What documentation is available with the student version?
To on-line docs may
be started from the
Argus ONE group
in the Start Menu.

To tutorials may
be started from the
Argus ONE group
in the Start Menu.

All the documentation that is available with the commercial version is available with the Student version. You may also order separately a hard copy of the Argus ONE User's Guide. The documentation on the Student Version CD is in Adobe Acrobat Reader format and includes:
  • Argus ONE User's Guide
  • USGS MODFLOW User's Guide
  • USGS MODFLOW Programmer's Guide
  • MT3D GUI docs
  • USGS HST3D Code docs
  • HST3D GUI docs
  • Modflow/MT3D Turorial including examples
  • HST3D examples
  • Argus ONE on-line help
  • MODFLOW GUI on-line help

Examples are stored in the Argus ONE Examples directory and include Argus ONE project files and information files used to developed the fully worked-out examples.

Support? Am I entitled to tech support?
Purchasing the student version does not entitle you to tech support. However, we have a problem-report form which you can invoke from the Help Menu and we will answer those questions we think should be answered. You may also purchase tech support for a fee as posted on our web site from time to time.
Upgrades? Am I entitled to receive updates and upgrades?
Argus will be releasing free updates to the Student version on its web site. You will be able to download such updates free of charge.

You may not upgrade from a Student version to a commercial version.

Making Copies? On how many computers can I install Argus ONE student version?
You may install Argus ONE Student version on your home computer, on your portable, and on your office desktop computer. You may not use more than one copy at a time.
Discounts? Are there any discounts available?
Yes. If you teach and want to purchase copies for all the students you will be teaching see our web site pricing page for discounts.
Classrooms? Can I use the Student version in classroom
No. The student version is for the student and not for the university. For universities we operate the Argus ONE academic program which entitles you for free classroom installations of the Argus ONE commercail version and many other benefits. Please visit the pricing page on our web site to find all about the academic program.

All the Help You Need!
On-Line Help: Get help from anywhere you are within Argus ONE
  This online help is intended to allow you to quickly access information regarding elements of the Argus ONE workplace. It is organized according to the worplace' main components.

You can access this on-line help system from:

  • Help buttons in many of the Argus ONE dialogs
  • The Help menu
  • Help buttons and menus in the various PIEs

The on-line help system is continuously updated and you are welcome to send your suggestions on how to make it more useful.

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