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New features in Version 4

User Interface Enhancements

Many components of the user interface have been enhanced and new ones have been added. The most notable ones are the toolbar, the tool tips, the help line, and the help system.

Main Window's New Components and Changed Locations

The following new components have been added to the main window:

  • PIE menu - Located to the right of the Windows menu
  • Help menu - Located as the right most menu on the menu bar.
  • Toolbar - Located below the menu bar. (On the Mac below the drag bar)
  • Information/Help ruler - Located at the bottom of all windows and below the horizontal scroll bar in the main window.
  • The layers floating window automatically opens when project is created and also features a View toolbar and layer selection by typing its name.

The following components have been relocated and changed:

  • The cursor position info line is located below the toolbar.
  • The layers popup menu is also located below the toolbar and shows only visible layers.
  • The information ruler is located at the bottom of the window below the horizontal scroll bar.
  • Some menu items have been moved to different menus.

The Toolbar

The toolbar, located at the top of the window, contains shortcuts to the more often used menu commands. The number of toolbar icons is layer-dependent, and some icons might be dimmed (inactive) if they are not applicable.

Tooltips and tools help

When you place the cursor above a tool's icon, a tooltip appears describing the action of that tool. The help line at the bottom of the screen shows a more detailed explanation of the tool.

Layers' Floater New Functionality

Two new columns of icons have been added to the layers' floater. The Collapse/Expand Group icons column and the Layer Indicator icons column. A View toolbar, at the floaters top, enables quick access to view commands.

About Window

The About window allows you to change your registration information and also lists the following information:

  • Version number
  • Name and company of the registered user
  • Registration code
  • Lists of the available Argus ONE PIEs and modules

The PIEs Menu

The PIEs menu organizes menus which are created and installed by PIEs. Not all PIEs will have their menus installed under the PIEs menu. The PIEs menu also hosts the About Argus PIEs command which open a dialog listing the available PIEs and their description.

Their are 3 groups of menu items:

  • The New Project group - storing all commands to create a new PIE project.
  • The Run/Import/Export group - storing menus which invoke a model, export data or import data.
  • The Project Information group - storing the current project's PIE information menu.


The PIE Information Dialog

The PIE Information dialog provides you with valuable information regarding the PIEs that are installed in your Argus ONE workplace. Such information might include the PIE developer, PIE name and the PIE version. The information is provided by the PIE developer and Argus can't control it.

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