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New features in Version 4

New features in Version 4

Some of the many new features and capabilities introduced in Argus ONE version 4 are listed on this web page.

Revised Modules Structure

Argus ONE module structure has been revised in version 4. The two new modules which have been introduced are the GIS and the Programmable Export modules. The GIS module includes all non mesh and grid layers, such as Information, Data, Maps, and Domain type layers and all related functions and capabilities. The GIS module is required for the operation of all other modules.

Export template creation, editing and export by template have been grouped under the Programmable Export module to support future enhancements of programmable export capabilities for all GIS layers. Programmable export template capabilities for all mesh and grid modules are still distributed with those modules as before.

Currently the following modules are available:

  • GIS
  • Grid - Finite difference Grids
  • Tri Mesh - Triangular Finite Element Meshes
  • Quad Mesh - Quadrilateral Finite Element Meshes
  • Programmable Export

Improved Installer for MS Windows

A new installer for MS Windows 95 and NT has been adopted. The installer by InstallShield allows you to select the components you wish to install, to easily select the directory in which you want to install Argus ONE and also supports automatic uninstalling of the application.

The new installer does not erase files or folders you added yourself under the Argus ONE folder but only replaces identical files and folders. Thus, if you have installed PIE files or Export templates, or added folders under the Argus ONE folder they will remain in tact when you upgrade version 4 to later revisions or versions.

Support for MS Windows 3.x Discontinued

As of version 4, Argus ONE for PC will be supported only on MS Windows 95 and NT. Since all of the Microsoft development environments Argus is using are not supporting non 32 bit clean code development we can not continue support of 3.x versions of MS Windows. Files created with Argus ONE on MS Windows 3.x versions are still supported and can be opened with Argus ONE version 4 running on top of MS Windows 95 and NT.

Registration of Argus ONE Version 4

If you are upgrading from an earlier version to version 4 you need to renew your registration with Argus. If you purchased the upgrade, you will be sent a new registration and a new activation code automatically. You will then have to type them in the Registration Information Dialog which can be accessed from the About menu under the Help menu.

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