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Argus ONE for users

Argus ONE for developers

Argus ONE - an Open Standard

PIE Technology

  • Based on and Enhances the Argus ONE inherent capabilities

  • Allows developers to tap into Argus ONE's powerful tools from external codes.

  • Developed to allow developers to easily and quickly offer and market their advanced technologies in numerical modeling, geostatistics, 3D visualization and other areas, to the rapidly growing community of Argus ONE users as well as to their own customers.

  • Most of the work involved in developing a PIE is performed using Argus ONE internal capabilities.

  • To add an external GUI such as a dialog, or to automate tasks such as layer creation, the developer can program small C, C++ or FORTRAN, Visual Basic, Delphi or JAVA functions, seamlessly linking them as DLLs/Shared-Libraries to the Argus ONE workplace.

  • Plug-ins can be distributed free of charge

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