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Argus ONE for users

Argus ONE for developers

Argus ONE - an Open Standard


  • Open system approach
    not only allows Argus ONE users to quickly develop GUIs for their existing models and other technologies such as interpolators or format conversion, but also allows them to today, interface Argus ONE with new and exciting technologies as they emerge. An excellent example is the ability to quickly interface Argus ONE and VRML, which was designed for the internet/intranet, to use a web browser as a 3D visualization and animation tool for investigating model input and output.

  • Platform Independent
    Argus ONE applications run on any hardware architecture that supports a windowing system. This platform independence allows application developers to embrace existing computer infrastructure investments, independent of the underlying hardware and operating systems.

  • MODEL Independent
    Model independence is much more than just a convenience for developing and deploying models and model GUIs: It is a fundamental property of information-centric, model-independent solutions. One of the key lessons of modeling that corporations are applying to their applications is that it is certain that they will have to use different models for different problems to be solved. They need to compare their results and proposed solutions with other models, sometimes even by a court ruling. Moreover, if a new model is developed it can be readily used with the information already in place without having to degrade the information by interpolating/reverse-engineering it to the new model concept. The raw information can be readily used with the new model as it was not saved using the existing model grid.

    For users, model independence also means cost-effectiveness. Consulting firms, universities and agencies do not have to pay software vendors time and again for every model they put a GUI around. They also do not need to learn different GUIs for different models.

  • Open Standard-Based
    The Argus ONE environment defines open standards that are neutral with respect to models and information systems. Open standards are the foundation of information-centric, model-independent applications and enable modelers to communicate their knowledge and information between different models and among their peers.

    For users as well as for developers, open standards translate into better, more affordable and more products. When using Argus ONE or developing a PIE, developers and users enjoy an abundance of tools, state of the art technologies and source codes developed by individuals, government agencies and universities which they can readily use and adopt.

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